Prayer Needs

February 15th (Friday) 

  • Pray for the final few weeks here in Bartlesville to be a time of solidifying precious relationships God has given us in the last two years. A group of them have committed to support us through finances and prayers. We want to maintain and even get to know some of these brothers and sisters better even as we depart.
  • Pray for bold steps of faith. We have been challenged by the book, The Cross and The Switchblade to really walk by faith and not by sight and reason. It is so easy to do what seems to make most sense but God is not into making sense for us. He is into building faith and getting all the glory. We’re praying that we can raise support by the end of this year so that we’re ready to go by the beginning of 2009 instead of June of 2009.
  • Pray for the unity of vision in our family. While the Lord gave His vision of the Japanese to Sung 14 years ago, it is important that Nicole, Josiah, and Emmanuel also have the passion for the vision as they will be integral part of the ministry in building relationships. Please pray that all four of us will have the strong sense of calling and passion.
  • Pray for whoever and wherever the Lord will lead us in Japan. At this point, we’re not sure where but we want to pray for those whose name we do not know that God will prepare their hearts for the Gospel so that when it is sown, it may sprout and grow to bear fruit.

If you have any prayer requests, please feel free to share with us in the Comment or email us at: It is our privilege to intercede on your behalf.


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