On Josiah’s 3rd Birth Day

This blog is dedicated to share God’s faithfulness in our lives as we follow His calling. I (Sung) grew up in a church-going family as a “good” Christian boy who had everything going well for him. I had built up a perfect image on the outside while I knew that I was a wretched sinner inside with a lying, lustful, and rebellious heart. I thought being a Christian meant having your life in order and doing everything the Bible said to do until I realized that no amount of good deeds can earn my salvation. It is only by trusting and leaning on the righteousness of Christ alone that I can dare to stand before God (Rom 3:21-25). However, I still struggle with my natural inclination to put up an image instead of being real.

While attending Pomona College, God sent several Japanese exchange students in my life and planted a seed for the Japanese. I got to know them well enough and even tried to share the Gospel with them but they courteously declined by saying, “I can’t become a Christian. I am Japanese.” Taking 2 years of Japanese classes also drew my heart closer to the culture. After college, I went to Japan for 7 months on a short-term mission through OMF. It was during my time in Japan when God melted away my prejudices towards the Japanese (growing up in a Korean family, you can’t help but to learn about the cruelties of the Japanese during the colonial period) and replaced it with love and compassion toward them. During my stay in Japan, a young woman jumped in front of the train I was on and killed herself. God used that incident to open my eyes to the reality of hopelessness many Japanese feel every day. It was in the midst of this hopelessness that God reminded me from Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I’m God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth!” He reassured me, “I will be exalted in Japan!”

It is this assurance in God’s passion to be exalted in Japan that confirmed His calling for me to back in Japan. He continued this confirmation through inner peace, others, and the concrete ways in which He has prepared me for the last 14 years. After I returned from Japan, I was able to work for a Japanese company learning the language (even Osaka-ben, a dialect) and culture. I also received an M.Div. in General Pastoral from Talbot School of Theology. Over the past 14 years, I have served as a worship leader, college pastor, missions pastor, Perspectives coordinator and family ministry pastor. Teaching and leading worship are two of my strengths and passions. My theology and philosophy of ministry are most greatly influenced by John Piper and Jonathan Edwards. “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

I’m currently working for Kumon Math & Reading (www.kumon.com) who has taken me from LA to Seattle (4 years) and to Bartlesville, OK (2 years). God allowed me to meet Nicole in Seattle in 2003 who was a busy banker at the time. Unbeknown to her, God has prepared her for Japan by leading her to take Japanese in high school and Japanese history at UW. We got married in 2004. Nicole brings her gift of organization, administration, and efficiency to my visionary and big-picture perspective. We were members of New Life Church (English Ministry of Hyung Jae Church) where I served there as a Missions Pastor and Family Ministry Pastor.  

In Bartlesville (50 miles north of Tulsa), we are members of Grace Community Church (www.gracefamily.cc). This small town is the home of Phillips Petroleum (better known as ConocoPhillips) and Voice of the Martyrs. We are currently preparing to go to Japan as church planting missionaries through Asian Access (www.asianaccess.org). We will be moving back to LA at the end of February. We will join Living Hope Community Church (www.livinghopecc.org). Lord willing, we hope to be in Japan by June of 2009.

Since our wedding in 2004, God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Josiah who is 3 and Emmanuel 22 months. Josiah has a gentle and compassionate spirit coupled with cautious and meticulous nature. He has an amazing sense of direction and an ear for music. He can name any tune. Emmanuel, on the other hand, is a rough-and-tumble boy with occasional temper tantrums. He is loud and tries to beat up his brother.  They often play, fight, hug and kiss each other.

We are currently looking for monthly prayer and financial partners. If you’d like to join our team, please contact us at sunghpark@yahoo.com or 909-594-8906. Our mailing address in LA is:

19551 Searls Drive, Rowland Heights, CA 91748


2 responses

15 02 2008
David Kim

Hi Sung,

Looking forward to having you back at LHCC!

27 04 2010

Hi there, a nice blog you have and indeed a nice family. God bless! It’s refreshing to read about what the Lord this around the world and in all of our lives. Myself, I live in Japan and I am married to a Japanese and have a blog about Japanese Christianity, if you have some time take a look! Happy witnessing for HIM!

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