It’s Another BOY!!!

19 02 2009


We shared in December through the newsletter that Nicole was pregnant. It has been a difficult pregnancy for her as the doctors have been on her case to put her on a strict diet in order to control gestational diabetes. Although she had this condition during the previous pregnancies, she didn’t have to control it until the third trimester. But this time, they are enforcing it from the first trimester. The most miserable part is that she can only eat two or three spoonful of rice and absolutely no sweets while poking herself 7 times a day to check her blood sugar. To a Korean, a carb-free diet is like a death sentence. She is constantly hungry. On top of it, she has two boys to look after. The only consolation thus far has been that our third child might be a girl, based on her several dreams (which were right on with Josiah and Emmanuel) where she saw an apple tree full of little red apples and another dream of a cute little dog with a pink bow tie. She kept saying that the pregnancy felt different from the previous ones. Nicole even told the boys that they’ll be having a little sister. Besides, everyone at our church has been having girls this year.

So with a great expectation, we went to the hospital last week to get our first ultrasound. As the technician took pictures of the fetus, we anxiously waited for her to zoom in between the legs. Soon, she paused and sympathetically said, “Uh-oh, mommy’s in trouble.” She told us that it was undoubtedly a boy as the baby had his legs wide open for us to see. Nicole could not believe it and asked her, “Are you sure?” Josiah kept saying to me, “Are you kidding me? I don’t want a brother. I want a sister.” I didn’t say anything but smiled with a bit of It-would’ve-been-nice-to-have-a-girl disappointment.

I heard from my favorite talk radio host, Dennis Prager, about a Jewish proverb: “Man plans and God laughs.” How fitting it seems. We even had a name picked out for a girl, “Karis” which means “grace” in Greek. But it was not to be. So we are adjusting ourselves to welcome our third son into our lives. What a great privilege to be able to bring up three sons who will become the head of their household if God so grants them. Although we may never have a chance to adorn our children in pretty dresses or go out on dates, we will be able to rough it on backpacking trips and start a boy praise band!

“Sons are heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons borne in one’s youth. Blessed is the man who quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.” Psalm 127:3~5




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19 02 2009
Jeff Johnston

You’re right… any way you look at it, it’s a blessing from God; He is sovereign. Congratulations! As for Nicole, I am trusting that God has a special blessing for her through this trial. Knowing that will likely not make it easier, but it will produce added perseverance, character and hope in her life. Gambatte kudasai!

19 02 2009

Congratulations! In some ways its a blessing to know early–because its a lot easier to rejoice when they are born! When our first one was on her way, we found it she was a girl by sneeking a peek at our chart which we were given to take to the cashier at the Japanese hospital. Seeing “femal” written on the chart gave Stan a bit of a disappointment at the time–but he was the proudest papa I’ve ever seen when she was born months later!

We hope that you will not have too many difficulties, Nicole, during the pregnancy.

19 02 2009

Thank you both. Thanks to the technology that gives us plenty of time to be “disappointed” and embrace the reality before the baby arrives.

6 03 2009

hi Sung & Nicole!

Needless to say-we’ve been in your shoes 🙂 But let me assure you that this 3rd little boy will have you wrapped around his little finger in no time at all! There’s something so charming about 3 brothers–and while Clay was determined to have a baby sister as well, he took to Samuel instantly. The 3 of them are precious together!! Congratulations! Keep us posted 🙂

11 03 2009
Sue Takamoto

Hi Sung and Nicole-
We are very excited! Do you know I used to want 4 boys? 🙂 Now we have more chances of matching up your boys with our girls.
Congratulations. We have such fond memories of our time at the park last summer… and felt instantly connected with both of you. I am so encouraged by the large gifts you received- and can’t wait to hear updates on when you are coming! Love to all of you-

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