Experiencing A “But God” Moment

20 01 2009

Within the last two weeks, we received two unexpected, large donations to our support-raising. It breathed a new life into our efforts and took us much closer to our goal. One was from our church in Seattle. Someone had donated a large sum of money into the missions account anonymously so the church was able to give us generously (over $8,000) on top of their budgeted amount. Another donation was made last week by one of the dear couples who called to let us know that they want to commit to giving $10,000 annually as long as the Lord allowed. We were so moved not only by the generosity but also by the unlikelihood of anyone doing financially well in these days. It is no secret that many charitable organizations, ministries, and churches are facing serious financial hardships as the economy continues a downward slide of a historic proportion. In the midst of this turmoil, God not only blessed this couple financially but also blessed them with a heart to give to our ministry in Japan. We were losing steam in our support-raising efforts as our calls or emails went unanswered. In fact, there has been a drought of new support commitments since August, so our expectation and faith started to wane and wondered if now was the right time for us raise support and go to the mission field. But God reminds us, despite our Elijah moment (see below) of despair, that support-raising is done, “not by power, not by might, but by my Spirit.”

“But God…” is one of my favorite phrases in the Bible because whatever the “reality” up to that point seems so bleak, impossible, and hopeless. This is our fleshly perception before God shows up. To name a few examples from the Scriptures, Joseph’s brothers meant evil by selling him as a slave and remained a prisoner for a long time but God had a plan. When Elijah was scared to death and depressed that there was no one in Israel who had not bowed to Baal, God revealed that He has set aside 7,000. We were dead in our trespasses, deserving death but God in His grace sent His Son. “But God,” what a sweet phrase! It may not be so difficult to raise a missions fund during an economic boom because money is plentiful. However, God gets no glory when we can do it ourselves. Raising support during a depression, such as now, leaves very little room for our ability and credit but His alone.

Lord, thank you for being at work even though we become weary and our faith seems to depend on support levels when it should rest on the Solid Rock. We confess that we are so weak in our faith and are easily influenced by what we see. Help us to have confidence in You and be faithful to your calling.




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20 01 2009

sung this hits right at my heart. i’m actually doing an internship in DC dealing with human trafficking, and since it is unpaid…i’ve been relying on God’s financial provisions. and the way He has been moving through people…its been a blessing and humbling experience. amen to everything you said.

6 02 2009

We are wanting to see you get over here! Praise God for His boost to your support raising efforts right now! He is the one who will bring it to pass. He loves you and He loves the Japanese so much. Thanks for sharing this!

Faith De La Cour
Asian Access/Japan HRD

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