Meeting the Takamotos

30 07 2008

We recently had a chance to meet one of the career missionary families with Asian Access in Japan on their furlough. Eric and Sue Takamoto and their three lovely children (Owen, Annie & Olivia) are back home from the field so we wanted to get together with them and hear some stories about their ministry. Since their three children and our two boys are young, Sue suggested that we meet at a nearby park in Pasadena where they were staying. It was a wonderful idea because we were able to have a great time of sharing without worrying about our children getting restless or destroying things.

Sue and Eric are currently focusing on planting a house church in Sanda, a city near Osaka. They have about five families who are consistent members. God has given them a heart to reach out to the families with children. Sue builds relationships with fellow “yochien” (preschool) moms while Eric reaches out to men in his neighborhood through BBQ and English classes. It was great to hear how men are longing to bond with other men through regular gatherings. BBQ was the beginning point of their relationship and led to forming an English class with 10 other men. During a “drinking gathering,” one of the members who became a Christian not too long ago spontaneously shared that one of the best times in his life was when he accepted Christ as the Lord. So this led to an opportunity to share about Christ and the Gospel. It was exciting to hear how God is using these casual meetings and BBQs to reach out to the Japanese. We were so encouraged to hear that it’s not necessarily about clever techniques but really starting with a genuine heart for the lost.

Another beautiful thing about the Takamotos is that Sue and Eric have adopted three Japanese children while ministering in Japan. Owen is 5, Annie 3, and Olivia 2. Annie and Olivia have the same biological mom but different dads. It is so beautiful to see how God has brought these precious children to a godly home even though they were born into an unstable environment. It reminded me how wonderful and hope-giving adoption can be. Children who would otherwise grow up in an unloving and unhealthy environment now have a chance to grow up in a loving family. The Bible says in Ephesians 2 we too were “sons of disobedience” and “children of wrath” but have been adopted by our loving Father as “children and heirs” to His inheritance. Adoption is very close to the heart of God. What a testimony it is to the Japanese seeing these missionaries with three adopted Japanese children. We, too, pray that the Lord would open up an opportunity for us to adopt a precious child.




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8 03 2017

Hi there just came upon your blog via Yahoo after I typed in, “Meeting the Takamotos ” or something similar (can’t quite remember exactly).

Anyways, I’m happy I found it because your subject material is exactly what I’m
searching for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I collect some material from here and I will of course credit you
as the reference. Appreciate it.

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