Summer Update

21 07 2008

Seattle Trip

This summer is turning out to be a busy one for our family. It started with a 2-week trip to Seattle (3 weeks for Nicole and the boys) reconnecting and sharing our vision with friends and family. Although we left New Life, our church in Seattle, over two yeas ago, everyone welcomed us back with such warmth and genuine excitement for our vision for Japan missions. We met with all the small groups for young adults and family ministry over the span of two weeks. We were especially thankful that these small groups were going strong despite the absence of the lead pastor for over 2 years. It is an evidence of God’s grace and the diligence of the interim pastor and the leader board. We continue to pray for God’s provision of the new pastor for New Life.

We particularly enjoyed staying with two different families who opened up their home for us. They helped us to feel at home and provided opportunities to bond with them. One of the families shared their family struggles with us so we were privileged to be able to pray with and for them. We are so excited to report that New Life is willing to support us $1,200 monthly as would their own commissioned missionaries. We praise the Lord for His providence.

Out of the Boxes

Another “big” event is completing our move which started back in February. When we moved into my(Sung) mom’s house, the original plan was for my sister’s family and mom to move out in March or April and we would have the house to ourselves. But home buying rarely goes according to one’s plan so they ended up moving out in June during our trip to Seattle. So when we returned from Seattle, the house was a big mess. We also made some upgrades to the house in the last month with painting, flooring, and termite fumigation. Needless to say, the house has been in a continual disarray and we had to wait until everything was done before we could bring out all the boxes from the garage. We are happy to report that all the improvements are finally finished.

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to trying live with my family when you have a family of your own. It was particularly difficult for Nicole as she had to adjust to living with the in-laws. I felt like I was walking on a tightrope as I tried to balance my roles as a husband, a dad, a son, and a brother. I have a renewed appreciation for God’s design for marriage when He said, “Man shall leave his father and mother.” Since my sister’s family and mom moved out, it has been easier for me to take the lead and be the head of the household again. We particularly enjoy the time when we read the Bible with the boys and pray together. It’s music to our ears when we hear them say, “Let’s read Jesus!”




3 responses

24 07 2008
Jeff Johnston

Sung and Nicole,

I trust God is teaching you lots this summer. Hey, what a great photo of your family! Can you send me the original, so I can use it on the website? That would be great. Thanks!

– jj

24 07 2008
Faith De La Cour

Thanks for the update! I hope that this new phase of being “just your family” will be a great time of rebuilding and strengthening the bonds between you. We’re looking forward to the time God brings you this way (to Japan) but until then, enjoy the “present” that God has brought you right in Southern California.

30 07 2008
Jeff Johnston

Hey folks! Just wondering if I can get a copy of the photo for use in Asian Access communications projects. Is that possible?

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