Celebrating 50 Years Together!

4 06 2008

Last month, my oldest uncle and aunt celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Nicole and I have yet to celebrate our 5th anniversary but they’ve been married more than 10 times as long as we have been. 50 years sounds so long and unusual these days. That’s a half century that these two have been married. They both attributed the longevity of their marriage to God who has sustained them through the years. They have served as missionaries to Japan for over 10 years in their 60’s and are still currently serving as the pastor of a Japanese congregation. My uncle speaks fluent Japanese thanks to the Japanese colonial period that forbade the Koreans from speaking Korean in public and taught them Japanese.

My aunt who is usually reserved and quiet shared with us that one of the “secrets” was: “Remember that your spouse is someone whom God loves and has accepted. If God loves him, then what right do I have to not forgive him and hold grudges against him?” It’s a wisdom and an insight I often lack. We so prone think about how our spouse’s words and actions have hurt us that we fail to include God into our perspective. This is Jesus’ teaching when He taught us the parable of the debtor in Luke. The debt we owe to God is so much greater that no matter how great the offense our spouse commits, it is just a change.

I praise the Lord for their marriage that even though it’s only 50 years compared to eternity. It still reflects longevity of Christ’s relationship to the church in this life. Lord, may you receive all the praise and honor from their marriage and may they continue to serve you with every last ounce of energy you give them.




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