Celebrating the Big TWO!

16 04 2008

Two Birthday Boys!

We celebrated Emmanuel’s second birthday on the 13th at the nearby Chuck E. Cheese surrounded by a throng of other birthday parties. Coincidently, that day is also Glen’s (Sung’s 2nd brother-in-law) birthday as well. It’s his thirty-second. So we lit the “2” candle first and sang the Birthday Song for Emmanuel. But before the song was over, Josiah blew out the candle in excitement. We then lit up the candles again for Uncle Glen. Sung’s the other sister Jane, her husband Kevin and their daughter Caitlyn (3 years old) came from Phoenix to attend a wedding for the weekend so they were able to join the birthday celebration.


Emmanuel always answered, “two” for over a year, whenever we asked him, “How old are you?” He had picked it up from Josiah when he was two.  Emmanuel can now answer with confidence that he is really “TWO!” He was so happy to receive the birthday presents especially the big dump truck and the dinosaur book, thanks to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Glen. He is starting to learn the names of all the dinosaurs just like his brother.  


Lord, we thank you that you took a six-week premature baby and turned him into a healthy, head-butting little bundle of joy who often picks fights with his brother and utters the loudest “Amen” whenever we pray. You have blessed him with much energy and fearlessness. Let they be rooted in the Lord. May Emmanuel continue to grow in favor with You and men; and may his life testify that You are indeed with us. For Christ’s sake, Amen!




One response

25 04 2008
Sue Takamoto

Hi Parks! It is fun to catch up on your blog in the past few weeks…. I had just recently blogged about Olivia’s 2nd birthday, so it was neat to see how Emmanuel celebrated HIS 2nd birthday… we’re looking forward to our coming home assignment for our kids to experience the joys of Chuck E Cheese! We’re also greatly looking forward to when God will bring your family to Japan next year. We are anxious for you to come and join our A2 family… I know our kids will love playing with yours, as well….Annie is our little worshipper…she and Josiah will have to do a duet together.
Blessings to you guys as you readjust back to LA life. I hope we can meet up when we are in the LA area over the summer!
Sue Takamoto

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