Welcome Abby!

27 03 2008


The Lord has blessed my youngest sister, Jackie, and her husband, Glenn, with a beautiful baby girl named Abigail or “Abby.” She was born on March 3rd at 11:30am at 6lb.6oz. Having only two boys, seeing a baby girl is definitely different. She is so precious and tender. She looks just like her daddy, which her mom is happy about. Thankfully she is eating and sleeping well, and gaining weight.

Seeing a baby girl makes Nicole want to have a third child. I must admit that it’s nice to hold her time to time and smell the irresistible baby scent which has been long gone from our boys. But it’s also nice to give the baby back to her parents when she cries. We’re praying and leaving it to the Lord regarding the third child.

“Lord, we ask you to bless Abby with an undying love for you and the wisdom of Abigail in the Bible. May she grow into a godly woman of God who fears the Lord and cultivate an inner beauty that does not fade with time. We also pray for her parents that they may bring her up according to Your ways. Amen. ” 




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