Living Out of Boxes

27 03 2008


(Above is the picture of our garage)

While it’s so nice to have moved back to LA to live with my family, there is a bit of inconvenience in living out of boxes. The garage is full of our stuff since we moved into a house where my mom, sister (Jackie) her husband (Glenn) were living in. And a week after our move, my sister had her first baby, Abby. So we’re definitely enjoying the full house. They are planning to purchase a home and move out as soon as they find the right house.

Two families living in one house causes you to live with less and learn to adjust to one another’s needs. Believe it or not, this kind of multiple family living a single family dwelling is quite common among low income families who cannot afford housing in L.A. We are one of them 🙂 We are thankful that this too is a good training for our life of missions. Four of us sleep in one room on futons.




One response

30 03 2008
Faith De La Cour

Findinc contentment in the middle of boxes is definately good practice for missionaries! We are hopeful you will move some of that stuff to Japan in the next year!

Blessings on you as you enjoy your niece and connect with your LA friends and family.

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