Getting Ready to Leave Bartlesville

31 01 2008


As our walls and rooms start to look bare and boxes begin to stack up in the corners, we are reminded that the last days in Bartlesville are fast approaching. Our moving date is Feb. 26th, back to L.A. Our 2-year project with Kumon is up at the end of February. Thankfully, the Kumon Center I opened 1.5 years ago is going well and is now settled so that I can leave without worrying about its future. I am so glad that our center can help students who really need the service. Many of our students are from single-mom families making less than 24K annually. 

Several things have preoccupied us last few weeks: Nicole and the kids have been struggling with a cold…coughing spells and runny noses. Thankfully they are all better now. Another thing is support raising. I have been dragging my feet on having to raise support for the longest time because I saw it as begging for money. However, the Lord used the Fundaraising Bootcamp which I attended two weeks ago to change my view and heart. It is a blessing to have a team of sponsors who will support you through prayers and finances. I have been meeting with individuals and small groups to sharing my vision. It has been a blessing for me.




3 responses

18 02 2008

Looking forward to having you back in LA!

19 02 2008
Cliff & Sandy Stearns

We were wondering if Sung has allowed time to visit all of the small groups here at Grace?? It might make a very real difference in your fund raising efforts. You have made some wonderful friends here at Grace, so now it’s time to visit them and let them bless you!

19 02 2008
Faith (A2 HRD Japan)

We’re excited you are moving closer to us in Japan! We pray for you and the next steps as you prepare to enter the next phase of ministry partner discovery and challenge.


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